We have identified following specific goals as the key targets for compliance in order to be fully traceable and promoting sustainable palm oil throughout our supply chain

Grievance process

A robust and responsive grievance process is an essential component of our efforts to implement our policy commitments

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Peat protection

Apical is committed to no new development on peat and has taken necessary protection measures on developed peat areas

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No deforestation

We are committed to achieving no deforestation throughout our supply chain

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Policy implementation

An essential first step in implementing our policy is to embed it within our own operations and communicate it effectively to our suppliers

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Socio-economic benefits

For our sustainable business development, we work closely with local communities to create mutually beneficial relationships and to bring about positive socio-economic development

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Supplier engagement

Aggregator Refinery Transformation (ART) plans provides the method by which we are engaging suppliers and seeking to bring about transformation

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Traceability to FFB

Our ultimate goal is to establish traceability to all FFB sources so that we can ensure policy compliance reaches plantation level

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Traceability to mills

Establishing traceability to all the mills in our supply chain is a first step to traceability and to enabling the ART plan process

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How will we meet these goals?

You’ve now seen our goals, now take a look at our plan.