Policy implementation

The launch of the joint project between Asian Agri, Apical and TFT
The launch of the joint project between Asian Agri, Apical and TFT


Implementing the Sustainability Policy

After publishing our Sustainability Policy in September 2014, we took proactive steps by collaborating with The Forest Trust (TFT) to fast track our journey towards fulfilling our commitments.

The main objective of the collaboration is to create a traceable and sustainable supply chain, which is eventually translated to positive transformation throughout our network.

Beginning with the traceability mapping of our supplying mills, Apical has identified selected suppliers for engagement and assessment process, with the ultimate goal of achieving positive transformation throughout our supply chain.

The long term benefit of the collaboration with TFT is to develop the capacity of our internal team so that they can continue the process of engaging suppliers and progress towards policy compliance throughout our supply chains.

We have also developed a new set of standard operating procedures that embed our policy commitments into our operations.

Internal capacity building

Internal capacity building will be achieved through training by TFT and other recognized external expert practitioners on HCS, HCV, FPIC, participatory mapping, social conflict management and other related topics.

Related Progress Outputs

Next Goal: Grievance process

A robust and responsive grievance process is an essential component of our efforts to implement our policy commitments

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