In 2015, Apical has achieved 100% traceability to supplying palm oil mills. We update our Traceability Declaration Document (TDD) every quarter for the facilities below. The TDD can be found at Supply chain map.

The next level of our traceability is to trace the FFB supply sources of each supplying palm oil mill. We have developed a method of FFB traceability with TFT. Our plan is to achieve full FFB traceability by 2020. In order to achieve this target, we are following a stepwise approach to progressively build traceability to FFB source. Concurrently, issues associated with the FFB suppliers will be identified and engagement through field assessment will be carried out when necessary.

Apical subscribes to Traceability Working Group (TWG) definition of traceability, and the following data as part of our requirements to establish FFB traceability by 2020: